Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maternity Session in Lexington, Ky

I recently shot a maternity session outdoors in a lovely little back yard.  I had so much fun channeling fairy tale secret garden for this sweet baby bump.  Hard to believe this baby was due the very next day. This momma is very tough and adventurous!  We even went to a golf course, darted between golfers and shot a few over a little pond as she and hubby walked across the top of a stone wall.  I'll have to show you later when I have more time.  Tomorrow is the newborn session.  Can't wait!!!  Congrats to Benjamin and Ela Clark on your new bundle of joy!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brandon and Sarah Verhoeven's Wedding this past Saturday.

Congratulations to Brandon and Sarah!  Your wedding was so much fun!  I wish only happy years ahead for the both of you.  

Your choice to not see each other before the wedding was just fine with me. Many photographers prefer that brides and grooms do the portraits before the ceremony, but either way is fine with me.  I have experience in shooting portraits both before or after the ceremony and everyone has an opinion on it.  It really depends on what the bride and groom want.  It can certainly be done after the ceremony with grace.  Sarah and Brandon chose to let guest eat during the portraits.  Others have appetizers and drinks served.  Then again, some people decide to have a bridal session on a different day all together!  There are so many options really.  Whatever works for you!  There is always a solution.  

When I arrived, I shot some candids and stills as the family was preparing for the ceremony.  Then like I mentioned earlier, after the ceremony we did all the family and bridal party portraits.  I always have a plan after several pre-wedding-day meetings with the bride and groom but I have been doing this long enough to know that flexibility is just as important as skill, planning, or even luck when it comes to wedding photography!  I know families want portraits and weddings are the perfect time to do so when everyone is together, dressed up, and happy.   That is why I always accept requests at the last minute during the family portraits. Even if I don't have time to do it all at that time, I will make a special effort to find those images later during the reception.  People are usually very happy to regroup later if we need to.

After the family portraits we did bridal party portraits.  I like to prepare the bride and groom during the contract signing that they should schedule about an hour if they want to have plenty of bridal party portraits. I don't always end up with that much time though.  Sometimes I only get 15 mins!  It always works out though.  I can work fast and set priorities when it comes to wedding portraits.  Each wedding is unique, complex in one way or another and unpredictable so.......Flexibility!!!

This wedding was at a venue I had never worked before.  It was in Richmond Ky at the Arlington Club.  The old sprawling estate was just lovely!  This was in truth a golf course but I tell you it really felt like I was in a romantic novel that was set in the Civil War era as I walked around the house and the grounds.  "The air was warm and heavy with the moisture of a soon to be southern summer rain shower..."  LOL!
I'm just sayin... It was so beautiful and old I felt the romance...  Just perfect for a summer evening wedding don't you think?
The staff was friendly, hard-working, and very kind.  I hope to shoot more weddings here.  It was so nice!
I actually have more sneak peaks of this wedding on my AA Imaging facebook page.  So be sure to go there, become a fan and see other works by AA Imaging.  Have a good week everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy Love

I love these two images together!  Fay Wells is such a sweet mommy!  She is patient, loving, kind.  I love how this portrait captures that.  To all you mommies out there who give so much to your babies...YOU'RE AWESOME!!!  
I also think these two images help to explain why I like my sessions to last a good 3 or 4 hours and sometimes longer!  There is so much going on behind the scenes of a photo shoot.  Any Shoot!  I just love seeing beyond the finished portraits!  Often if I am watching a movie or tv show and there are any scenes of a photography shoot as part of the plot, I will pause and rewind the parts where the video camera pans out to show all the busy organized chaos happening around the backdrop, lights, and subject.  I am fascinated with the whole process of planning, lighting, styling... a shoot.  It's great fun!  For newborn sessions, baby has unique needs.  She needs extra time, coaxing, patience and know how.  The IT shot is there, and it's my job to capture it.  Time and experience has taught me so much more than school when it comes to newborn portraiture.  I know I am still FOREVER learning, and it's great.  Sooooo...long story short.  Parents, there is a lot more to know when it comes to preparing yourselves for the newborn shoot.  I will tell you everything, just call 859.396.4083 and schedule your newborn session BEFORE the baby is born!  I will take care of the rest.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I never post anymore!!!

I can't believe I haven't put any of my work up since JULY!!!  Well...yes I can.  I'll never get the hang of social media.  Oh well, if anyone wants to see this, here it is.  LOL.  As you can see, I enjoy colors.  Deep jewel tones, earthy browns, cool blues...I love them all.  I tend to paint (when I have the time) with a lot of the same colors seen here in this recent maternity session portrait.  If you let me, I will create something from my imagination as my client Holly Hurd has here.  I enjoy the contrast between dramatic color and soft light on skin tones.  Of course, I will also listen to your creative input as well...It's all good.  Call me at 859-396-4083 if you are interested in booking any of my creative maternity, newborn, or family portrait sessions.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jason and Eunice Green Wedding

Congratulations to Jason and Eunice!  It was a pleasure photographing your wedding.  I hope you have many years of happiness together.  Enjoy these highlights!!!