Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Family Wedding in Mexico

My brother had his wedding in Merida Mexico two years ago. He just had his anniversary this month. This prompted me to look up the photographs I took during the trip. I was not the official wedding photographer because I had never met his bride and she used someone she knew down there, so the trip was purely a vacation for me. I had a wonderful time. I got to just enjoy the wedding from a different perspective shooting only a few candids now and then. This worked out great for them because it turned out the bride had not accounted for a photographer shooting during or after the ceremony. She only had studio and group photographs taken before the wedding. My candid wedding photographs of the wedding are scattered among my wedding galleries at
As for the rest of the trip-
The city of Merida was AMAZING! There was incredible architecture everywhere and the people looked so interesting with their Mayan clothes and exotic faces. The city was an incredible mixture of old and new. Here are some of the shots (shown in slide show) I have dug up.

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