Friday, June 5, 2009

AA Imaging-Wedding in Lexington, Ky

So I shot this wedding this past weekend. The wedding and reception were here in Lexington Ky. Weddings are alot of work, not only because of the photography "taking pictures" but there is a TON of post production work not to mention all the meetings before the wedding. I always meet my clients several times beforehand to plan and coordinate the photography part of the wedding. Lately, I have added a timeline to my weddings. It has helped immensely in making sure I get every photograph that the bride and groom request. First, I ask for a list of everyone in the wedding party. Then, I get a list of the family members who are to be included in the photography. After that, I get a list of every planned shot that the couple would like during the portrait session. I always sit with the bride and help her out for all of these lists. After making sure each grouping has enough time for picture taking, I write it all out in Word, including times and places that people need to be. Usually, a family member is given a copy and they help get people together for the shots. I like all the planning. It helps make the day run smoother.
For this wedding, we had finished all the big groups and the bride was tired I could tell. So I asked her to come with me to the big window for like 5 minutes. Giving her a time limit helped her to know it was almost over. (A lot of communicating is also a must) This portrait made the whole work load worthwhile. I am very pleased that she will be getting a classic bridal portrait. Without the timeline, we might have quit too soon and not gotten this shot.

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