Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eat your vegetables

Well, I have been networking with other stay at home moms who are running a business from home and taking care of their children as well. Through this networking I have met some wonderful women who deal with childbirth education- which naturally is very conducive to my line of work- photography. BTW the newborn and maternity division of AA Imaging is growing by leaps and bounds. I am so thrilled! What could be better for me? I feel so connected to these new clients of mine. It is so true what they say, "You will not be able to relate to being a mother until you are one yourself" but I digress...

Anyhow, I have begun talking with Katie Kaufman who runs Conception Forward , and also with Lauren Metelski who runs Birth is Fun! here in Lexington, Ky. This is going to be a great way for us to help one another with our respective businesses in finding clients for one another. More on this later...

I was speaking with Lauren the other day and she said she has to cook vegetables into her muffins so that her daughter E. would get the nutrition she often rejects in more visible forms. I instantly felt a twinge wondering if I was getting enough nutrition in my little one's body. She too rejects green vegetables and I never thought to try cooking them into breads! Well, being extra extra busy lately- I decided not to try breads right now but I remembered this recipe I recently saw on Rachael Ray's 30 min meals. It had stuck in my mind because it was loaded with vegetables.
I even had most of the ingredients at home so I decided to make it for lunch today. I kept talking about it to Penelope stressing the Pasta part of the cooking process. She let me know she would prefer ice cream for lunch and I told her we could have some after lunch. She agreed.

Well, once I put her plate of "pasta" with zucchini, baby eggplant, spinach, garlic, onions, and italian cheeses she immediately protested. She then ran off to MY room and closed the door. I was so looking forward to it myself that I did not follow her. Instead, I calmly enjoyed my meal and then went to find her. She was in my bed with the covers pulled up to her scowling face. She said, "Can I have some milk?"

I did not want her to fill up on that so I told her she could after she had her lunch. She came off the bed and said, "But I don't want that pasta!" I brought her to the table and tried to figure out how I could win this battle.

Me: Would you help me make it taste better?
P: (eyes brightening, nods her head to say yes)
Me: I think we should put more cheese on it to make it better
P: Yea more cheese

I bring the container of cheese & her abandoned plate close to her.

Me: Help me put some cheese on it.

She pinches some cheese between her dimpled fingers and spreads it over the pasta

Me: How bout some more?

She repeats the cheese application

Then I allowed her to put a tiny pinch of salt on it.

After warming it up again, she reluctantly eats a tiny piece of pasta.

I knew where this was going. She was going to try and avoid all of the vegetables.
Me: You know vegetable are really good for you. They help you grow strong. Jehovah gave us vegetables so we can grow strong and play a long time. If you don't eat them you will not grow.

She gives me her sad eyes and looks down.
Me: "Look at me Penelope. I will show you how vegetables help you. See how you grow?" I pushed my fingers up through my other hand as if they were a plant growing tall. I push the fingers, hand, and arm all the way up toward the ceiling. "See how I grow?"

She seemed to understand. She ate a bite of zucchini and looked at me. After much praise, she put her fork down and did her best to "grow" her hand just as I had. It was adorable. She seemed to be "growing" her had very slowly as if to demonstrate how gradually growing occurs. I am delighted. Her least favorite was the eggplant but she would eat it when I told her to close her eyes. After every bite of vegetable she would "grow" a little more. I of course had to ooh and aah over every growth spurt she was having. After she ate all of her food, we had a bit of ice cream as promised.

If you have any creative ways of feeding your babies, please share them!

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