Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've lost some Blog Posts but I've found my name.

Just a quick note to acknowledge that I know my blog has been behaving erratically lately.  I KNOW!!!  I am so sorry that it appears I have not been posting.  Many of my posts have been lost.  I am working on correcting this glitch.

This is the result of some glitches in my personal life.  Yes, my last name will be changing soon, I am getting a divorce.  I will be returning to my maiden name which is Franco.  This will take some time because as you know when you have been using a name for 17 years it takes a while to get everything changed over again.  I have business cards and brochures and countless other things with my married name on it. name will no longer be Adeline Dickman.  I am going to be Adelina Franco.  Yes, both first and last name changes!  Adelina not Adeline.  This will take me a long time to get used to because I have been called Adeline with an E at the end ever since I started attending public school.  My real name is Adelina and always should have been, but my teachers in school started calling me Adeline with an e at the end because my mom thought it would be easier for them to pronounce.  Strangely enough my birth certificate is correct but my social security card is not.  So after my upcoming divorce, I will go ahead and fix my first name the way it should have been all along to Adelina.  Hope it's not too difficult for people to get used to.  Of course, I will answer to both. :)

Lots of changes, but one thing remains the same: I love photography & I'm still here!

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