Friday, May 4, 2012

Newborn Sessions and Birth Announcements

I don't know that I have ever shown you all out there any of my custom made birth announcements.  So I thought I would go ahead and post one here along with some of the images taken from the session.  After a newborn session, many of my new parent-clients want to order birth announcements.  Here at AA Imaging, birth announcements are custom made to the likings of each individual client.  I do enjoy this collaboration between photographer and parents.  Designing together gives me an even more in depth feel for their style, and this is important because it helps to form a relationship that I hope will grow as the new family grows.  Besides that, who wouldn't want to be able to call the shots when it comes to how their baby's birth announcement turns out?  This way, I do the work and they get a unique-one-of-a-kind treasure, not to mention the birth announcement!  Ha Ha!  But all kidding aside, I want to capture that baby even before birth and beyond! This is what I have had the privilege of doing with Chris and Holly Hurd's young family.  This is baby Thorne when he was teeny, tiny.  Hard to believe that was 6 months ago!  I just finished showing mamma the images from the 6 month session.  We did a family simple session and focused mainly on the little guy.  Got some great shots and I'll be posting them as soon as I can, which sorry to say will be a while- you know me!


This is the front of the 5x5 announcement.

And this is the inside spread

Mamma and Little Baby Thorne before he was born
Mamma and child Post-Natal

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