Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wedding in Frankfort Ky

I have been knee deep in wedding season.  This year feels very different than previous years.  I have stopped trying to plan every minute of the wedding day...Or I should say, plan for whatever might happen.  I have learned you can never know what the day will bring.  So, I just go with the flow.  Or I try.  I planned for this one of course.  However when the plan went out the window, it wasn't that big a deal.  Partly because I had a second shooter!!!   Jaron, you were wonderful!  Thanks for all your hard work.  More on second shooters in another post...

I wonder how many brides out there realize how much better the wedding day can be if they choose to do portraits before the ceremony?  Most of my brides want to have their groom see them for the first time going down the aisle, so this means the bridal portrait session is crammed in between the ceremony and reception.  This is fine, I have seen and done it all.  I can make it happen.  But I must confess I prefer to do the portraits before the ceremony.  There are so many advantages to this.  One that came from this wedding was that makeup portraits can be done later during the reception after everyone has eaten.  This of course is for the truly determined.  Many a bride says forget it!!!  But not this one.  Amber, you were great.  Even when the family wasn't able to make it to the pre-ceremony portrait session, you were so easy going that it was a pleasure to do the make up pictures.  No stress, no mess.  Thank you for a great experience.  Can't wait to show you the rest of your shots!!!!

Now I wonder, which of these two versions do you think is more successful?  Why?  Please feel free to post your remarks.  Also, don't forget to become a fan on facebook!  

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