Monday, June 18, 2012

Maternity Photographer Lexington, Ky Fay and Jason Wells

Jason and Fay thank you for choosing AA Imaging to capture your maternity portraits.  Expecting your baby is such an amazing experience.  You have so many emotions, concerns, expectations, and joys.  Capturing maternity portraits helps you to remember these days in the years to come.  Looking back at your maternity portraits brings back all the feelings that would have faded with time.  I am a sentimental girl, so I appreciate being able to relive my pregnancy through my own maternity portraits.  I know, I know not all of it was fun but still- it's wonderful to be able to memorialize your beautiful belly.  Years from now as your little one grows up, he or she will see how excited and in love you already were even before you first laid eyes on one another.  There will be tangible proof in your albums, and framed wall portraits, and memorabilia.  What could be better?  
By the way, if you are self conscious about your body, and feel hesitant to do a maternity session, don't be.  You would be amazed at what could be done to ease your mind.  A good photographer will take your feelings into consideration and light, pose, and photograph you in a way that highlights your strengths while minimizing any weaknesses real or perceived.  Everyone has both. :)

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