Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy Love

I love these two images together!  Fay Wells is such a sweet mommy!  She is patient, loving, kind.  I love how this portrait captures that.  To all you mommies out there who give so much to your babies...YOU'RE AWESOME!!!  
I also think these two images help to explain why I like my sessions to last a good 3 or 4 hours and sometimes longer!  There is so much going on behind the scenes of a photo shoot.  Any Shoot!  I just love seeing beyond the finished portraits!  Often if I am watching a movie or tv show and there are any scenes of a photography shoot as part of the plot, I will pause and rewind the parts where the video camera pans out to show all the busy organized chaos happening around the backdrop, lights, and subject.  I am fascinated with the whole process of planning, lighting, styling... a shoot.  It's great fun!  For newborn sessions, baby has unique needs.  She needs extra time, coaxing, patience and know how.  The IT shot is there, and it's my job to capture it.  Time and experience has taught me so much more than school when it comes to newborn portraiture.  I know I am still FOREVER learning, and it's great.  Sooooo...long story short.  Parents, there is a lot more to know when it comes to preparing yourselves for the newborn shoot.  I will tell you everything, just call 859.396.4083 and schedule your newborn session BEFORE the baby is born!  I will take care of the rest.

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